We specialise in three core areas:

customer experience




Customer experience

The starting point for most of our projects is to really understand the customer experience, whether at a product, service or brand level.  

- CX research

- Loyalty & defection studies

- Service experience research

- Personas & journey maps

- Usability & UX research

Brand & Communications

Frequently our brand strategy work comes as result of a customer experience research project.  We also run dedicated brand research projects and/or brand strategy workshops.

- Brand exploration research

- Communications research

- Brand strategy

- Value proposition design

- Packaging and identity research


We frequently run ideation sessions as part of a journey mapping or CX research projects.  This approach can also be used for specific or stand-alone innovation projects.

- Ideation workshops

- Customer co-creation

- Prototype research

- Facilitated design sprints

- Concept screening and testing